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Thursday, February 09, 2017
Bringing a baby out is like going to war literally with all the baby essentials to bring around plus handling a baby. So this extremely important to have the equipments to win the war (opps! I mean bring the baby out). To better prep myself for the war, I'm so blessed to received Twelvelittle Companion Backpack Black from Caden&Charles! This backpack is a such life saver for both Collin and me. First of all, we love the design of this backpack because its simple&sleek looking, plus its suitable for both mummy or daddy to carry around. It goes so well with any outfits! This is definitely a darling for mummies&daddies who are not into fanciful/girly/complicated designs.

Being new parents, we are on the kiasu side. We tend to bring a lot of extra sets for everything when we are out so to ensure that we are well covered for any unforeseen circumstances. Hence we always bring tonnes of diapers, huge packs of wipes, 3sets of baby clothing, 4-5 handkerchiefs, 4-5 milk bottles, 2bottles of water (1 hot 1 cold), milk powder, changing mat, body powder, loads of tissues and 2 pacifiers. All these are just the baby items, not including my wallet, portable charger and handphone. 

With so many things that I need to bring out, I'll need to squeeze everything into one single bag so it's more convenient for us to move around easily. So can you imagine how functional the bag has to be!? Miraculously Twelvelittle Companion Backpack is able to fit every single item into it which totally save us so much hassles! Even after fitting all of my items in, there's still plenty of space left!

Twelvelittle Companion Backpack is super lightweight which is a BIG plus point! With so many things inside the bag, the bag is still not very heavy for me to carry around all day. And also it's made with soft lightweight water-resistant nylon so I don't have to worry about the bag getting wet. Its also almost effortless to maintain the bag with just wet cloth to wipe stains away for easy spot cleaning.

It has super spacious main compartment and multiple internal/external pockets to make everything as organized as possible. Having all items organized is really crucial in times of emergencies. When Nat suddenly throws up milk, I can take out my handkerchief quickly as it's easily accessible rather than having to dig my bag to find the handkerchief. Just the pockets alone, it has a total of 8 pockets excluding the side bottle pockets. It is totally so functional as a diaper bag!

It has 2 insulated side bottle pockets to keep my bottles warm for Nat's milk.

There is also a secret compartment at the back of the backpack! It can be used to put important stuff while traveling to prevent pickpocket! Or it can be used to put dirty diaper or clothes. 
So thoughtful of the bag designer! 

It also comes with a super comfy changing mat! The print is also super duper cute! It is also the print of inner lining. The print is actually the 12 Zodiac animals. They are not too fancy or girly for Collin to use and for baby boy to lie on them. The changing mat has light padding and water resistant. 

All in all, both Collin and me are so in love with this Twelvelittle Companion Backpack. It is absolutely functional and great design for both daddies&mummies. We are so tempted to get more of the Twelvelittle diaper bags so we can mix and match around! 

Twelvelittle Diaper Bags is having 45% off for their full range at Supermom Baby Fair happening on 17th-19th Feb at MBS! They are located at booth K12! So drop by, grab and pay the bag before they are all sold out!

I have received the above product from Caden&Charles to facilitate this review. Post sponsored by Caden&Charles. All opinions are my own. 

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