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Saturday, March 25, 2017
I am so thrilled to receive Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump from TLO.com.sg!

As a exclusive pumping mum, it is really important for me to get a suitable pump that is comfortable enough during pumping and portable enough to travel around with. This Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump definitely fits the bill for me!

What I love about the Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump:

 - Comes with 3 funnel sizes (24mm, 28mm & 32mm) which allows me to choose the best fit. You know how other brands only provide 1 funnel size and if it doesn't fit, we have to purchase another funnel size which is an additional cost.

- Closed pump system with backflow prevention. I personally feel that this is really important as it saves my precious breastmilk and keeps everything hygienic.

- 3 way connector to give me the flexibility of single or double pumping. Most of the time, I'll do double pumping as it is less time consuming. However during the days which I feel my milk output is lower, I'll focus on hands-on single side pumping to achieve higher milk output.

- 9 levels of Expression and Massage mode. At the start, I'll go for Massage mode level 1 then slowly increase all the way to level 4 for about 5min. After which when my milk flow is a lot smoother, I'll change it to Expression mode and I'll start with level 1 then work all the way up to level 5 slowly. I personally feel that the Massage mode's rhythm definitely helps me to stimulate more milk and the Expression mode's suction is not way too strong that it'll cause my nipple to bleed or so. Most importantly it is able to help me clear my engorged breasts well enough!

- Having a low pumping noise level is definitely another plus point. I do my night pumping in the same room where Nat and Collin are sleeping in, so I need a low pumping noise level pump in order to not wake them up from their sleeps. Collin and Nat sleeping very soundly while I do my pumping.

- Smart Bluetooth function that is really handy for forgetful mums like me! It helps me to keep track of my milk output and alert me when its time for my next pump. Being able to control my pump from my phone, I can just happily surf the net or watch dramas and adjust my pump modes or levels conveniently as and when thru my phone.

- Comes with Breast Shield Covers which helps to keep the pumps clean and stay sterilized. Previously before I have Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump, I'll always have to keep my other pumps in ziplock bags to store them instead. Also, the Breast Shield Covers can be used as a bottle support to prevent me from accidentally spilling my milk. I always do my pumping on my bed and risk having my milk bottles toppling over. But with the bottle support, it reduces my risk of toppling my milk bottles and waste my precious milk.

- Comes with silicon pad. This is a such a darling for me! It really makes my breasts feel so much more comfortable during pumping. It is really soft as well so my breasts would not feel so uncomfortable against the funnels.

My overall experience with Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump has been great! It is portable, comfortable, functional and smart!

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Its really a great deal for mummies who would like to give Haenim 7S Bluetooth Breastpump a try!

I have received the above products from TLO.com.sg to facilitate this review. Post sponsored by TLO.com.sg. All opinions are my own. 

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