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Tuesday, November 07, 2017
With a baby in the house, installing window grille is definitely a MUST HAVE item for house renovation due to safety reasons. Currently there are several types of window grilles in the market but the more popular choices are aluminum window grille and invisible grille. 

In my personal opinion, invisible grille is the obvious winner. It is super easy to clean and maintain which means lesser cleaning chores for me! *yayyyssss* Plus its definitely way more stylish as its almost transparent and does not obstruct the views. The only downside about installing the invisible grille is probably the price as its more expensive than the aluminum window grille. 

After deciding on the type of grille, I went around comparing and researching on different companies. Finally I've found Home Grille Pte Ltd - Invisible Grille! I have been liaising with Derek and he provides really great services plus he has great knowledge on renovation which really helps us a lot. During the measurement and consultation, not only did he just take the measurement, he observed hairline cracks around our windows and informed us. He also managed to help me to spot some defects which we've overlooked previously. After taking the measurements, he recommended fixed invisible grille for the living room and all bedrooms, whereas the service yard would be movable casement frame invisible grille as we need to have access to the aircon ledge which is located outside the service yard. He also explained to us the difference between horizontal and vertical grilles. The invisible grille is highly customizable from the direction of the grille to the gap between the grille. In addition, he also taught us how to clean the invisible grille so as to maintain the grille at its best state and not affect the life shelf of the grille. I feel that Derek is very honest as he did not try to upsell by recommending to install all movable casement frame invisible grille as it would have costed a bomb. Instead he recommended the best budget friendly option for us. Before he left, he saw our bathroom water heaters have yet to be installed, he gave some recommendations on the type of water heater which consumes less electricity. I am really impressed by his overall services. I would say he really does go an extra mile for his customers. 

The installation took place slightly more than 1week after the deposit was being placed. 

The guys came and double confirmed our orders and took double measurements before starting the installation. 

I like that they actually brought their own mat to place around the floor to prevent dirtying the floor. I'm not sure if its a norm but its just something I really appreciate. 

Once they started their installation, I left my house and went around chilling. 1hour before they completed the installation, they've called to inform me so I could go back and check the end product.

When I reached the house, they were already done with majority of the installation and doing the touch up.

Before the installation of the invisible grille 

After the installation of the invisible grille. My beautiful view is almost not obstructed by the invisible grille which means I get to enjoy my view, yet still get the safety measures in place for my baby. 

View of the vertical invisible grille from the master bedroom. Due to the L shape windows, we have to install vertical invisible grille instead of the horizontal but we still love the effect so much! 

I love that the frame of the invisible grille is really sleek and slim. Can see from the photos that the installation did not do a sloppy job or destroy my paints and that they've done a pretty good job for it.

The view of the casement frame invisible grille from service yard. It makes my boring service yard looks a little more sleek design. Hopefully it'll be able to give me more happy vibes when I do my laundry chores! hahahaha

It comes with key lock so its much safer for families with young children. 

The whole installation process took about 4-5hours. After I have done a thorough check of the work done by Home Grille and satisfied with the result, then the guys packed up and left. Before they left, they still vacuumed my house. *thumbs up* My house is super in need of a good vacuum, it has collected tonnes of dusts from the renovation.

Plus they really have a good faith in their workmanship and quality as they offer 5years warranty on the grille. So far my experience with Home Grille has been great & been loving their invisible grille!

You can find out more about Home Grille:
You can call/email your enquiries at 6633 9779/

Will be updating this space for more renovation tips and reviews! Stay tune!.. 

I have received partial sponsorship from Home Grille Pte Ltd to facilitate this blogpost. All opinions and views are my own personal.
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