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Monday, October 23, 2017
First of all, I really don't understand why the HDB did not just install the service yard window for BTO/SBF house owners and we have to fork out additional sum of money to install the service yard window on top of the super expensive BTO/SBF price. *super big frown*

Story cut short, I have to go around sourcing for windows companies to install my service yard window. I was in quite a rush to have my service yard window installed, therefore apart from the pricing, I have to factor in the waiting time for installation as well. I have approached a few window companies and their pricing have quite a big difference. Some companies quoted me $580, some $650 and some $500. Another thing to take note is warranty, different companies have different period of warranty ranging from 3months to 24months. So it is crucial to find an affordable company which provides fast installation and reasonable warranty period. I was trapped between Window Grille and Super Window as my choices. Both offer pretty attractive prices. Window Grille is offering $500 with 2 years warranty on manufacturing fault and seepage. Super Window is offering $480 with 1 year warranty on seepage and 6 months on parts. Upon comparing, of course I would have gone for the Window Grille, even though its just more expensive by $20 because of the 2years warranty. Unfortunately, the waiting time for Window Grille is 1month which I don't have the luxury of time to wait that long. So in the end, I went ahead with Super Window which only needs to wait about 7 to 10 days plus their Facebook seems to be filled with positive reviews.  

I have contacted Super Window on Monday to arranged for the measurement appt on Wednesday and the guy from Super Window said would arrange but I've received no updates at all till Tuesday evening. So as to double confirm the measurement appt, I msged him on Tuesday evening for confirmation on the appt. Up till this point of time, I felt that their service is a bit lacking but still acceptable as they might have overlooked my appt and forgot to slot my appt in. 

Upon the measurement appt, the boss just came, took the measurement and left. No explanation of the windows or letting us know colour options for the window. No conversation at all. 

And here come's the beginning of the bad experience with Super Window. The boss who took our measurement actually lost his measuring book and required us to go down to the new home to meet him for another measurement taking. At this point of time, I was pretty annoyed with their services already because due to their negligence, I have to travel all the way to the new home just for them to take the measurement again which is what I wasn't expecting from company with such great Facebook reviews. 

The horror part is actually on the installation day itself. My installation appt was supposed to be at 10am. However at about 10am, the boss called to inform that his guy was stuck in Malaysia due to his bike broke down and if we can change our installation date. Collin purposely took leave to be there for the installation so I requested for them to solve their issue and be there for my installation as promised by them. The boss said he'll get someone else or so to be there for installation about 1130am which I was totally fine. Then about 11plus, he called again to inform that his guy (who was initially stuck in Malaysia) was rushing back and would reach about 1230pm latest. ITS SUCH A NIGHTMARE!!! I seriously don't need such drama from them. All I need is for them to install the window which I've paid for. 

As promised, they've arrived before 1230pm and started on the installation. ANOTHER NIGHTMARE APPEARED... I have a little pipe running from indoor to outdoor so the window frame has to cater a hole for the little pipe which the boss has already taken the measurement of it. When they started installing the window, they realized they've cut the hole wrongly. I don't know if they have taken the measurement wrongly in the first place or they just anyhow cut the hole. It totally makes me feel like what's the point of wasting my 2 trips of measurement takings when the company is just not gonna take the measurement seriously? Then to solve the issue, they cut the hole even bigger to fix the little pipe and fill up the gaps with fillers which is quite unsightly. 

Its not super duper obvious but it just felt like the overall window work and service is totally not what I've paid for.

Overall I feel that any other window companies would have done a better job and its definitely not worth my money. I would definitely not recommend Super Window to anyone. Apart from the bad service and unsightly hole, I hope the window would survive for many years to make up for the bad experience. I am just writing my very own personal review on Super Window as a frustrated and disappointed customer after a series of unpleasant incidents with them. Hopefully I'm the only unlucky customer of Super Window that has such bad experience. I feel what Super Window can improve on is their customer service and workmanship. 

Anyway after the installation, I have found there are a few window companies offering at $450 with 1year or so warranty. So a piece of advice, please do your research properly before engaging any services. 

For reference: Super Window's Facebook

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to Super Window Pte Ltd or any window companies. All views and opinions are my own personal.
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