Things To Bring For HDB BTO Defects Check

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Being a first time home owners, I am so thrilled to move in but before that, there are so many things to be done and completed. Defects checking is definitely the first thing to be done before progressing to the renovation. It is a very tedious task under a dusty and hot environment. To make the task and life easier, there are some things to bring along!

1. Tapping rod/ Umbrella 
- To check for hollow tiles
2. Tapes and markers
- Mark out all defects by placing the tape and labelling them with markers so BSC contractor will be able to identify them out easily
3. Charger
- Make sure all the electrical sockets are working well by checking if your phone is being charged when plugged in
4. Stool/Mat
- For resting
5. Water
- Super duper important to keep hydrate 
6. Door stopper
- Keep the door and windows all open for maximum air ventilation
7. Hand soap 
- Its going to be super dusty and dirty so best to bring a hand soap along to wash up 
8. Garbage bag
- To clear all the rubbish
9. Toilet rolls/tissue paper
- You'll never know when you'll need them 
10. Mini fan/ Normal standing fan
- In case, it gets way too warm in the house
11. Number lock and chain
- Put a number lock and chain up the gate so that the BSC contractor can come and go to fix the defects, because we can't always be there 24/7 to unlock the door for them 

With all these items mentioned above, you should be all good to go for your defects checking!
All the best in spotting those defects! :D
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