Our BTO/SBF Key Collection

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
We have applied for a SBF unit during November 2016 and after months of wait, we have finally gotten our keys! YAY!!!

Things to bring along:
- IC of everyone submitted in the application
- Marriage Certificate
- Children's Birth Cert (If any)
- Certificate of Fire Insurance (To be purchased on the day itself)
- Latest CPF Statement/Payslip/Company Letter
- Completed GIRO Form
- NETS Card for payments

On the keys collection day, our appt was 9.30am but we reached earlier at 9am. First we took the Q no. for the keys collection at the Self Help Machine and went on to purchase the Fire Insurance from ETIQA, Counter 1 located at level 1. There are 2 type of plans: one is the basic plan which costs $5.50 for 5 years or the more enhanced plan which costs $300+ for 5 years. Looking the at difference in the prices and the coverage summaries, we decided to be kiasu and went ahead with the enhanced plan which we feel its still very good deal for $60+ per year and we get a peace of mind. The whole Fire Insurance process only took about 10min. 

Next is to wait for our Q no. to be called. We waited about 20min for our turn. This part is all about having the hdb officer explaining the process and we signing a bunch of paperworks. The officers are all very friendly in general so feel free to ask any queries regarding your new home. It is very important to collect the Defects Forms from the officer cause you'll be needing it to fill in all the defects found in your new home.


Upon receiving the keys, please make sure you have collected the right number of keys!

But we are not done yet, we have to go to make payment for the Conservancy charges at level 3. It costs about $60. Followed by heading to SP Services at level 2 to open the utility account. They will make an arrangement for their guy to head down to the house to turn on the water supply and when our house is all ready, they will come down again to turn on the gas supply (if you opt for SP gas supply).

The whole keys collection process took us about 1.5hours. As it gets later, the crowd starts to come in and queues get longer so be prepared for a longer process if your appt is from 11am onwards. 


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