Second Trimester With Dr Shakina Rauff

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Thursday, October 20, 2016
Hello peeps…

Here to share my personal second trimester experience! :D

Now that I have experienced all 3 trimesters, I can safely tell you that being in second trimester is my favourite of all.

There are so man reasons why I love second trimester so much:
1.     My tummy is still manageable and I can still move about very well.
2.     I can eat so damn well and my appetite is great. Its like I’m a hole which can never be filled up fully with food.
3.     I am still able to squeeze myself into some of my pretty clothes.
4.     I can sleep well in however position I want.
5.     I do not feel tired or sleepy even after a whole day of being out and moving about.
6.     Baby’s movements in the tummy are more mild though very active cause the movements are more cushioned and there are more spaces for the baby to move about.
7. Most importantly, I still look almost the same as I did not have bloated face or body yet.

I believe there are more reasons but with my pregnancy goldfish brain now, I just couldn’t remember. Being pregnant really makes my brain functions slower than better and being super forgetful. Plus Collin is pretty forgetful as well. So when we are out with a shopping task, its like two goldfishes out to shop but realize they forget to buy this and that at the end of the day. roll  eyes

As I have mentioned in my previous post regarding my first trimester, I have decided to change my gynae so I begun sourcing around for a new gynae. After recommendation from Collin’s relative, we have found Dr Shakina Rauff from NUH. She is really friendly and patient with us by explaining all the concerns and worries that we might have as first time parents. She makes us feel more like a friend who we can joke and ask her anything under the sun rather than just a normal boring doctor-patient consultation visit. It is only after 2-3 visits with her then we decided to sign the package with her. Because we want to make sure we really like her and comfortable with her, we do not want to rush and regret our choice of gynae because we will be sticking with this gynae for the rest of the pregnancy. When we told her we might want to go overseas for a short trip before the baby is out, she  as a friend encouraged us to go and enjoy ourselves because she understands that after the baby is out, it'll be at least a year or two before we could travel again. Plus going overseas as a couple is totally different from as a family with a baby. She gives us personal advice which are really helpful and really care about us. Up till now, we are extremely happy and glad that we have gotten her as our gynae. 

If you’re looking for a gynae or keen to know more about my experience or package price with Dr. Shakina, do feel free to PM me on my IG @sheythl or FB @Sheyla Huiling! :)

PS. I was wearing my dress from for my check up yesterday and saw a couple of mummies at the clinic wearing dresses from them too! Makes me wanna get more outfits from them! Do check them out if you're looking for pretty and comfy maternity clothes! 
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