Third Trimester

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Saturday, October 22, 2016
Hello there! :)

Here I am to share with you my third trimester experience. Third trimester to me is like in between the horrible first trimester and the wonderful second trimester.

Before I carry on with my post, let me show you people the video of my baby's movements in my womb during week 34! My baby always gets very active when he listens to these kind of music. Actually whenever my baby hears noises or musics, he'll start moving about already. He's going to be such an active baby! Ps. I'm not naked and pardon the messy background. This is the link to the music being played in the background, if you're keen to play it for your baby:

As you can see, my baby's movements are pretty big. Collin gets goosebumps and goes all jelly sometimes whenever he sees such big movements coming from our little one. At third trimester, my baby is pretty big already and now he is fully occupying my tummy. Some of his movements can be quite uncomfortable like punching/kicking my lungs. So when that happens, I'll try to cough so as to make the baby shift his position and make the kicking/punching stops. People usually say that when the baby is out, you'll start missing the times when the baby is still moving in your womb. I guess I'll really miss all the yoga/boxing movements from my baby... 

Third trimester has been manageable for me except the super duper scary weight gaining and having the need to run to toilet every now and then. My weight has been going up and up like a rocket which is unstoppable! I can totally finish 1 Mos Fish Burger, 2 large fries and 3 prata all by myself for my dinner. I was stunned myself too when I ate finish all that food. I don't feel particularly hungry but I just can keep eating forever. As for the toilet part, every now and then, I'll need to run to the toilet to pee. Especially when my baby is in some positions which is pressing on my bladder. It is exceptionally annoying at night when I have to get out of my comfy bed just to pee... 

Sleeping in third trimester is not as good as before. My tummy gets so big now that no matter which sleeping position I am in, it never seems to be comfortable. I feel tired in the day time but I am unable to nap. I miss sleeping freely but I think once my baby is out, I'll simply just miss sleeping. All the mummies have been telling me how sleep deprived they are when their babies are out. Hopefully my baby will be an little angel to me and Collin by being really easy to handle.

I shall end this post off with my little baby's handsome cute face! ♥ 请不要爱上他 cause he's gonna be a heartbreaker! 

Have a great weekend everyone! D

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