First Trimester

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Whoever said the first trimester is piece of cake, that person is most probably lying... Well, at least it wasn't so for my case. The first trimester was probably the worst for me as of till now... 

During my first trimester, I was with PK Women's Specialist Clinic located at Nex under the care of Dr Tan Poh Kok. He's a very friendly guy who always tries to lighten up the mood during the routine check ups. However, I don't find him effective in curing my morning sickness or other issues. Plus, every visit with him is super pricey. It ranges about $140 to over $200. **It is very important to keep all your pregnancy visits receipts for the pre-delivery medical claims**

My main concern during the first trimester is severe morning sickness. And I really mean SEVERE. I could barely eat or drink. My weight was dropping like 2-3kg every month. My only comfort food was milo, soda crackers or even a slice of bread when I'm lucky. If I ate anything with a hint of garlic or just anything which my little one doesn't like, I'll be puking the entire day to the extent which my throat feels extremely sore from the acid. There was even once which I've puked out dark brown liquid which is a commonly known as Hematemesis and is especially common during first trimester of pregnancy. There are many causes to it such as gastritis (inflammation of inner of stomach), dehydration and many more. However, I did not consult the doctor regarding it as it only happened once so I supposed its no biggie. And also all my doctor gave me was Dimenate which is like a medication for car sick according to my bff Google. The medication did not work at all and my puke tasted even worse with it. All Dr Tan could advise me was to eat in small meals which I also know but I just couldn't get anything down into my tummy. So I don't find him useful in treating my conditions or providing me with the care I need from my gynea. That is when I've decided to change to my current doctor. 

Things I've tried to cure my morning sickness:
- Eating lemons, it helps at the beginning cause the sourness really helps to get my appetite but after a day or two, I guess my body just gotten used to it and it doesn't work anymore.
- Small meals, it doesn't work for me. No matter how small the meal is, I will still puke it out.
- Avoid fatty food, surprisingly a Mcdonald fish burger meal will help me sometimes but I do not take it often as usually I don't have the appetite to eat. 
- Drink plenty of water, many times I feel extremely thristy but even drinking water makes me puke. So all I could do was to dab water on my lips. 

The best thing during my first trimester is to really sleep a lot. I spent like 16 out of 24 hours to sleep because thats the only time which I feel good. Collin was stressed out like crazy because its kinda of a mental torture for him to see his wife suffering like that yet there's nothing much he can do to help. However, he did his best to be there for me, making sure that I have milo when I want or do anything that will make me feel even the slightest better. During pregnancy, its really important for the hormones raging pregnant woman to feel loved and cared by their partners so I am really lucky!  

Till then... 

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