Stretchmarks / Palmer's Stretchmark Lotion & Oil Review

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Monday, October 17, 2016
Hello humans!

As I am entering third trimester, there are more and more changes to my body. Sometimes when I look into the mirror and feel really depressed that my body have changed into super unappealing and attractive. Times like this, Collin would always try to make me feel better by saying "You're so beautiful." or "You have this pregnancy aura which is super attractive.". Usually I would just roll my eyes when he makes such comments but I still do appreciate that my husband make it a point to remind that I’m still as beautiful as before to him. (Husbands who are reading this, please learn and constantly put in an effort to make your wife still feel beautiful to you because they really sacrifice a lot to bear your child for 10months!)

Previously I’ve talked about how much I like using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretchmark and Skin Therapy Oil in my Instagram. 

I have been using them diligently since my second trimester. Everything was great until lately because more and more stretchmarks are appearing and I have been getting little red patches like rashes when I use Palmer’s lotion in the day time. Palmer’s lotion has a very thick and rich texture. I’ll smell like chocolate cream whenever I apply it on my body. I would usually apply it in the night. I guess the lotion is too rich for daytime usage especially in Singapore's weather. As for the oil, it is very light and has the scent of Rosehip which is pleasant for my nose. I have been applying this during daytime when I go out. Some mummies may find these 2 products work well for their bodies but it just don't work on my body. All these really depend on individuals. 

Please beware of my stretchmarks gross photos below! All these are totally unedited or filtered. Also please do not judge! No mummies would want to have them, yet they are inevitable during some pregnancies. Some mummies are lucky not to have stretchmarks during the entire pregnancy, however they might experience some else.

Right now, I’m trying out Gaia Belly Oil and hopefully it’ll get better.

It has a light texture like the Palmer's oil but the scent is more to very light essential oil. I’ll try it out for a couple of weeks and let you guys know the result again!

So stay tune! :D
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