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Friday, October 14, 2016

Hello all,

I have been getting a lot of enquiries on my wedding such as my package, make-up artist and photographers. Also a lot of my friends around me are getting married. So here am I giving my own piece of 2cents advice after my very own wedding experience. It is really important to find a wedding company who take cares of the wedding couple needs and provides good services. As a wedding couple, there are already a lot of things to handle and worry about. The last thing the wedding couple would want is to have a wedding company who adds onto their worries and troubles.

Firstly, I chose this wedding company (Ideally Yours) without much research. I did not have the time to go around consult and compare with other companies. However, I still decided to go along with this company because it was recommended by a good friend of my husband. Since it’s my husband’s good friend’s recommendation, we thought it should be good. They did offer us a slightly better price compared to their normal package price. However, I believe its business ethics that we should not be shortchanged and should enjoy the same treatments as the rest of the couples paying at the normal package price. No matter what still, we did pay a lump sum for their services.  A lot of unpleasant incidents happened and created a very negative wedding experience for us.

Incident 1:
Before we decided to sign the package with the company, my husband did try to negotiate with them on the bridal car flowers and bridal bouquet that are not included in the package. After which, they said they’ll include it in for free to our package. However, as the date was nearing to our wedding, we went down to the company for the last few details check on our package contract. We realized that they stated the bridal car flower and bridal bouquet as TBC, as opposed to what they have previously agreed. Luckily all these were discussed thru whatsapp, so my husband was able to track back on the package details. In the end, my husband decided not to use their bridal car flower and bridal bouquet but to use the value and offset the album printing fee. We were totally okay with topping up for the album but they added in an extra cost of editing that we were totally not informed of right from the beginning. Obviously we would feel unfair for us to pay an additional cost that is only right that the company has the ethics to inform us of all the additional fee before/at the point of signing contract. We were already exhausted from all the wedding preparations so we did not bother to argue the additional editing cost and let this matter rest. The SS below shows that they agreed to provide free bridal bouquet and car flowers. Next we wanted to off set the flowers for the album fee and suddenly there's an additional "editing fee" which was not mentioned at all from the beginning. 

Incident 2:
Our pre-wedding photos after their first editing still looks like unedited photos, its like they did not even put any effort into editing and just dump the photos to us. Imagine if I did not check thru all the photos thoroughly, they would have already been processed into the album already. I have to check thru all the details and pin point out one by one that needs to be edited. Its like I’m paying them the money for myself to do the work. Shouldn’t they have done a thorough check on all the photos before letting us to review them? Other than this issue, a few of their photos are quite nicely taken. So that’s their plus point. Below photo was one of the photos which was by right already edited nicely by them and for us to preview. However if you look closely, you can see part of my nubra is showing. Even a noob like me could have spotted this, yet they are supposed to be professional in this but they failed to notice it. So they expect my nubra to be part of my wedding photo? Shouldn't they have previewed and examine every details in each photo before sending it to us? There are a couple of badly edited photos sent to us which makes me wonder how much they value their work quality. 

Incident 3:
I understand that there is a montage included in our package. However, I did not expect the montage to be poorly made. It is fully done by iPhoto slideshow.  To be honest, I expect a little more for the amount of money I’ve paid for their services. All I did was ask for a few changes in the montage layout of certain parts, they just straight away replied me “No, can’t be done as the iPhoto template.” I was puzzled by whether is it professional if any wedding company uses iPhoto to do their couple’s montage, so I asked it on my Facebook. And god knows why, the company’s boss actually follows my Facebook and he felt unhappy or insulted because of my post. He went to call up my husband’s good friend to complain about my Facebook post. I totally don’t understand why he did not come forward to speak with us about it and try to solve the unhappiness, yet he finds that by complaining to a third party will help to solve the issue. This shows how much he values his customer services. Below SS shows how he just brushed me off that he can't change the template and zero effort to entertain my request. 

Incident 4:
There are about 2-4 photographers and videographers in the company. And when we signed the contract, we specifically requested for one of the photographer to be in charged of our photo taking and another videographer (happens to be the company’s boss) to be in charged of the video taking. Prior to our wedding, we have already checked with them that they are all confirmed and available personally for our actual day duties so we assumed that we would definitely be having them during the wedding. However, the company boss who is supposed to be my videographer did not appear on that day for his video graphing duty. He did not inform us beforehand that he would not be our videographer or even be present at our wedding day, but instead he just appointed another guy to be our videographer, without our acknowledgement. He did not apologize or explain to us even till this very moment. I did not bother to argue with him on the day of my wedding as what he did was already very disrupting to my whole wedding experience. I feel that it is also very disrespectful to us. This clearly shows that the company is not very professional in handling their couple’s wedding and value their couple overall satisfaction.  

There are many more incidents which pile up to my overall negative wedding experience but all these are the more major incidents.

Moral of the story to all my friends who are getting hitched and looking for wedding company, a lot of wedding companies might promise this and that before you sign the contract but make sure you have everything that you negotiated black and white. Also, please double confirm that the price that you are paying is the final price and no hidden costs. At the end of the day, it will be the wedding couple at the losing end, if there is any dispute between the couple and the wedding company. The company might not do a good job and leave with an unpleasant wedding experience, though you’ve paid good money for their services. All in all, find a wedding company with lots of positive reviews and not just any random wedding company. I regret not researching more before just blindly go with this wedding company (Ideally Yours) so everyone please learn from my mistake and do loads of research on your wedding company before signing contract with the company. All these above are just my 2cents personal reviews of my own wedding experience. Maybe some other couples have had great experience with this company but it wasn't for my case. 
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