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Sunday, April 02, 2017

As a 1st time parent, I am very unfamiliar with all the baby products and essentials. Therefore I had to spend tonnes of time doing cross referencing between a couple of websites to consolidate my very own baby's shopping checklist. So here I am sharing my baby's shopping checklist and hopefully it'll be useful for all the mummies out there! :)

Baby's Shopping Checklist:

1. Bedtime
- Cot
- Mattress
- Mattress Protector
- Bedsheet
- Blanket
- Bumper
- Newborn Donut Pillow 
- Bean Pillow 

2. Bathtime
- Bath Tub
- Baby Soap
- Baby Lotion (Optional)
- Towel
- Cotton Balls
- Cotton Buds
- Powder
- Ru Yi Oil
- Nasal Aspirator/Bulb Syringe

3. Diaper time
- Diaper
- Wipes
- Changing Mat
- Diaper Rash Cream (Optional)

4. Feeding time
- Formula Milk (Optional)
- Bottles
- Bottle Cleanser
- Bottle Brush
- Sterilizer

5. Breastfeeding time 
- Breastpump
- Bottle Warmer
- Milk Storage Bags

6. Clothing time
- Romper (6-8sets)
- Face Towels (Plenty)
- Mitten (4-6sets)
- Socks (4-6sets)
-Bibs (4-6sets)
- Swaddle (4-6sets)
- Detergent

7. Out & About
- Stroller
- Car Seat
- Diaper Bag
- Milk Container (For FM feeding)
- Thermal bottles (For FM feeding)

8. Others
- Nail Clipper
- Thermometer
- Pacifier

9. For Mummy
- Nipple Cream
- Nursing Outfits
- Nursing Bras
- Breast Pads (Plenty)
- Disposable Undies (Plenty)
- Heavy-flow Pads (Plenty)
- Post-natal Belt
- Confinement Shower Herbs

This is basically my shopping list. If you feel that I have left out anything, do feel free to inform me!

Meanwhile, all the best to you mummy! XOXO..

2 comments on "Newborn's Shopping Checklist"
  1. Thanks Sheythl for this list. I become mommy of my first baby and it would be very helpful for me, especially these Bath time items like Cotton Buds,Powder, Ru Yi Oil andNasal Aspirator. Thanks once again for this post!!

    1. Hello Jessica!

      I am so happy that this post is useful for you! All the best for your mummyhood! Feel free to email me at! We can be mummy friendssss! :D


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