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Monday, November 07, 2016
I was really excited to be given a chance to try out The Outcall Spa's Prenatal Massage! 
As I'm approaching the due date day by day, my body feels more aches and sores. Plus more and more uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms are appearing. So I really needed a relaxing spa treatment without having to transport here and there because Collin feels extremely worried these days when I'm traveling out myself. So it is really lucky of me to be able to have The Outcall Spa giving me a Prenatal Massage just before my due date without having me to step out of my house!

The Outcall Spa really impressed me by arriving my doorstep 15min before my appt just to set up and prepare. I personally feel that punctuality is very important esp when you're in the service line.
They literally brought the whole spa experience to my home. They brought their own full massage set up station with fresh towels and massage oils. Their portable massage bed looks very new and well-maintained. Towels feel fresh and clean without any weird odour. You might have experienced some towels from certain massage places that have weird odours like they're not dried properly and still feel moist which I personally find it very disgusting and unhygienic. I feel that hygiene level during massage is a big factor in creating a comfortable spa experience because I'm kinda of OCD. 
After setting up, my masseur Flora explained that for prenatal massage, she would usually recommend grapeseed oil which will not irritate sensitive skin or lavender oil which is good for sleepless mummies. I went for the grapeseed oil as I'm having some sensitive itchy skin lately. She also asked what kind of massage (soft soft strokes or strokes with more strength) do I prefer so she can press according to my preference. After which, she gave me a disposable undies and shower cap for me to change while she offed the room light and switched on her own lighting and music. The music is very soothing piano play with waterfall sound as background. 

As I am heavily pregnant now, I am unable to lie on my tummy for the massage. Flora asked me get to bolster or pillow for me to lie on my side comfortably. After I got into a comfortable position, she covered my body nicely with the blanket and covered my face with a towel. Next is what really impressed me with their hygiene level, she took a wet wipe and wiped my feet to ensure they are clean before proceeding with the massage. Its like you're at home which is supposed to be clean, yet they still make it an extra effort to clean your feet. 

The massage was really shiok! Flora was able to press all the aching spots on my shoulders, back and legs. During the entire massage, she emphasised to let me rest or sleep if I can and did not try to engage in any conversation. I'm sure you've encountered masseur who talks non-stop and it sort of interrupts your relax time. Flora kept the whole massage session as relaxing and comfortable for me as possible. Even when she asked me to flip my body to change side, she spoke in a whispering manner so she will not disrupt the relaxing atmosphere. At the end of the massage, I was given a cup of ginger tea as well. I usually do not take ginger tea but honestly, their ginger tea is really yummy. It is sweet enough for me to drink yet I can still feel the ginger burnt in the my throat. 
I am so glad to have Flora as my masseur. She is so polite and friendly! Plus she is really experienced and knows her work well such as the aching spots and spots that are unsuitable for pregnant woman. Her hygiene level is really good and provides really great services! She still gave me some tips on postnatal care so that I can have back my slim body back soon! I would definitely want her back for my massage services! All in all, my prenatal massage with The Outcall Spa has been nothing but really awesome. I will look forward for my postnatal massage sessions with them and keep you people updated on my experience! :D

I shall end off with a photo of Flora and me cause she is simply so damn nice and I can't wait to see her again soon!

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