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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I have MIAed from this little space for quite some time. Life has been rather different eversince the birth of my little baby Nathaniel. My everyday routine is just mainly pumping milk, changing diapers, feeding Nat, eating confinement food and washing bottles. This routine is just on "Play&Repeat" mode every single moment. Oh well, I guess this is just the life which all mummies go thru. People always say the most difficult part is never the pregnancy or labor part, its the post labor part where you have to deal with the soreness of the whole body and taking care of the baby. I shall share with you guys my experience of post labor in another post sooooon~ 

I gave birth to Nat on 13th Nov 2016 Sunday 2pm. However, my labor started since Friday night and Collin brought me to the hospital the next morning which is Saturday morning. I was warded for a couple of hours and they discharged me as the contractions wasn't consistent and strong enough. We followed my gynae Dr. Shakina's advice to do some exercise such as badminton to speed up the contraction process which works like magic! So by Saturday night 9pm, my contractions was already pretty intense so we went back to the hospital again. This time they warded me and gave me the injection to ease the contraction pain. At about Sunday midnight 12am, my contractions was already very intense and beyond my tolerance. Hence, they ordered the epidural and it was all injected into me by 1am. The process of having the epidural injection was pretty scary but it definitely made me feel so much better. Before the epidural, I was already shivering in pain. After the epidural, I can joke around and etc., so epidural saved the day! 

Being in labor is all about waiting, waiting and more waiting. Due to some complications, we have waited for more than 12hours for my cervix to open up to the ideal 10cm and Nat's head to be in the ready position. At about Sunday 1pm, I was finally in active labor and started pushing. The memories was pretty blurred, all I can remember was just pushing and pushing when I was told to. Thankfully Collin was beside me giving me encouragement all along to give me the strength to push Nat out. Also we are so fortunate to have both Dr. Shakina Rauff and Prof. Mary Rauff to delivery Nat safely. Without their help, I would have already ended up in Emergency C-sect and require a very long process for full recovery. 

My delivery experience with NUH was really pleasant. The nurses in both the delivery suite and ward are all very nice and friendly. Probably because they understand what we mummies all go thru so they are extra patient and nice to us. Especially I have a really great gynae who takes really good of my body. During the entire stay, the nurses encouraged Nat to stay by my side at all times. Plus they are so thoughtful to prepare a special "Honeymoon" meal for both Collin and me to enjoy.

All thanks to my husband who insisted to pamper me, I get to stay in the Deluxe Suite. Its a one bedder with attached sitting area and bathroom. The main reason that Collin wanted to get this ward because he gets to stay with me and sleeps on the sofa bed right beside me, Plus all our visitors are able to gather in the sitting area and no need to crowd around the bed area. 

Below are the photos of the Deluxe Suite which I have taken before discharged so the ward is in a mess. It is really spacious like a hotel suit room. 

It has a TV at the sitting area and another one in the room. It also has a mini fridge. 

A sofa bed for 1 family member to stayover. 

A very big bathroom that is bigger than my house's.

If any mummies are keen to know the bill size or any question, feel free to ask me!

Now I'll be back to my routine so till then! :)

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