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Friday, December 30, 2016

When I was about to due, I asked around in mummies fb groups and forums about recommendations on postpartum belts but there weren't much responses because many mummies do not use postpartum belts. I'm so glad that My Miracle Baby SG reached out to me and offered me Shrinkx Belly and Hips Ultra to try out.

I personally love the Shrinkx Belly! Because I can really see a significant shrink in my belly and waist after constantly wearing it for 3weeks. I started wearing it from day 3 after I was discharged and my body felt more comfortable. It doesn't feel too warm to wear it daily in Singapore's super humid and hot weather. I can wear it and moving around comfortably as the material is very soft.  
Usually, I will put my trusty Bio-Oil on my belly before wearing it. I personally feel that putting slimming or firming cream would help to have more significant result. Unfortunately, I did not prepare any slimming or firming cream and I could not leave house to shop during confinement, so I have to make do with my Bio-Oil. 
The front of the Shrinkx belly. 
It has additional 2 compressions from each side to further tighten the belly and waist. Also, I can adjust the straps to the areas which I would like to focus on. 

The back of it has built in boning to provide better support for my lower back and improve my posture. 

Like most mummies, I am worried about my hips after giving birth and its one of the areas which is most difficult to slim down. It helps to narrow my hips by guiding it back to pre-pregnancy position. I started wearing this about 5days later than Shrinkx Belly as my wound was feeling pretty bad and I only feel comfortable enough to have Shrinkx Hips around my hips. 

Similar to the Shrinkx Belly, it has 2 additional compression straps on each side so I can adjust the amount of compression.

After 3 weeks of wearing both the Shrinkx Belly and Hips Ultra, I no longer need to wear them as I have reached the maximum. 
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