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Thursday, December 22, 2016
As mentioned previously from my Prenatal Massage with The Outcall Spa post, I am so in love with The Outcall Spa ( so I have continued with them for my postnatal massage as well.

Its definitely not easy dealing with all the postnatal symptoms and overwhelming chores. Lucky for me, I have The Outcall Spa to help out with my flabby tummy, water retention body and aching arms/back.

What I really love about them is that I do not need to leave my house during my confinement period to enjoy the massages. We all know during confinement period, mummies ain't allowed to leave home due to some traditions. Imagine those mummies who stay with their In-laws were to go out during confinement period just for massage, I think those mummies would get into troubles with their In-laws who follow the confinement traditions strictly. But most importantly, I can attend to Nat who is just a room away from me if he needs me.

My postnatal massage package was completed by two masseurs, Cynthia and Flora. To be honest, I can decide I prefer which masseur more because both masseurs are really nice and equally good in their own ways. My first 3 sessions was done by Cynthia who is focuses more on the aching points on my shoulders and back. She is really good at easing all the tight knots and it feels shiok rather than pain. After each sessions, my aches seems to be better. My last 2 sessions was done by Flora. Her style is more of gentle and comfortable strokes yet still able to take the body aches away. Flora's style is more of a relaxing way of getting away the aches away as compared to Cynthia's style of pressure pressing to get rid of the aches. And also, many new mummies like me who are new to breastfeed will tend to have blocked milk ducts. The masseurs will massage and unblock those ducts too. After every massage session, my pumping sessions will be so much easier and smoother because all the blocked milk ducts are being unblocked by Cynthia and Flora! At the end of every session, they would apply ginger cream on my tummy and wrap it traditional bengkung binder. It gives a warm sensation at the tummy area which I feel it helps to get rid of the "coldness" in the tummy and burn the fats. They also gave me 2 packs of the bengkung binder so I can alternate clean and use them. After each binding, I can see that my tummy is firmer and more shaped. 

Another amazing point about The Outcall Spa Postnatal Massage is that they have a Thermal Blanket Therapy. I would usually hear about this therapy in those atas massage places and it surprised me that The Outcall Spa would bring the whole Thermal Blanket Therapy experience into my home too. They really bring everything to me which is really convenient and hassle-free for busy mummies like me! The therapy helps to reduce water retention by making the whole body sweat in a warm environment. Its similar to a sauna actually but you get to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home! All I have to do during the therapy is to lie down on the station bed and enjoy the warmth. For better result, you can use to apply serum, slimming cream or body lotion on your body so it'll be better absorbed by your skin during the therapy.  

Overall, I really love their massages and customer services. Every single one of them is extremely friendly and passion about their job. Even the guy who delivers and fixes the portable bed, he always smiles and greets every time. On top of it, they are always arrive 15min before the appt time and never once late. They have a couple of promotions going on every now and then, so do try it out and give yourself or spouse a good treat!

I have received the above services from The Outcall Spa  to facilitate this review. Post sponsored by The Outcall Spa. All opinions are my own. 

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