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Friday, December 16, 2016
I am so glad to have Mummamia for my confinement. It definitely made my confinement period so much more manageable and easy. 

I did not engage a confinement lady for my confinement period so I had the help from my MIL to cook my confinement food. My MIL took care of my meals daily but there's limit to what she could cook as she has other chores to attend to. 

Fortunately Mummamia's Pre-Packed Confinement Herbs came to the rescue! There are many benefits from it but mainly it focuses on the 5 main confinement stages: Expel, Remove, Rejuvenate, Recuperate and Tonify. What is most important is that it is super duper easy to prepare. I would usually blanch the meat(pork or chicken), then wash the herbs and boil all the ingredients in 1.5litres of water for 10-15min. Afterwards cook it under small fire for 1.5 to 2hours. 

The Confinement Herbs packets are labelled in 1 to 5. Different packets have different functions that helps the confinement recovery. So all I have to do is to follow packet 1 to 5 for everyday and day 6, go back to packet 1 again. Every packet is enough for 2 servings so I'll usually drink one for lunch and one for dinner. The packets 1 to 5 all have different taste due to the different herbs in it, so mummies would not be drinking the same soup everyday and get sick of it. My personal favorites are packet 1 and 3! I always look forward to these 2 packets!

Another product that made my confinement easy breezy is the Pre-Packed Red Dates Tea. Drinking red dates tea as a replacement of plain water is a must during confinement. This is helps to avoid excessive water retention and getting "cold". Plus red dates is loaded with Iron and Vitamin C. Usually I would just boil the it with 1.5litres of water, cook under small fire for 1.5hours and its good to go. 

I have been breastfeeding Nat pretty well during the first week but suddenly my milk supply seems to be decreasing and its pretty worrying that my milk supply would not be able to keep up with Nat's appetite. So I've cooked Mummamia's Nursing Herbal Soup to help to increase the milk supply. The preparation is the same as the Pre-Packed Confinement Herbs. I drank it once every 2 days and it seems to be able to increase my milk supply by a small amount every time after the consumption. I believe long term consumption would be able to see the result better as I have only tried 1 box.

My MIL would put a bit of Mummamia's Red Glutinous Rice Wine into my confinement food to promote blood circulation, enhance immunity and lower cholesterol. 

Ban Kah Chai Mom Confinement Herbal Bath is my favorite of all! You know mummies ain't encouraged to shower during confinement and I totally can't even stand not being able to shower for 1day. With the Herbal Bath, I can shower all that I want. To prepare for shower, I just need to soak the sachet into 1litre of boiling water for 3min and add warm water to the temperature I would like my shower water to be. Lastly, stir it well and enjoy my shower! Unlike what I've expected, it doesn't smell unpleasant or feel sticky which is totally a plus point.

All in all, the products from Mummamia really did help to make my confinement so much more convenient and still take good care of my well-being. 

I have received the above products from Mummamia to facilitate this review. Post sponsored by Mummamia. All opinions are my own. 

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