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Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Hellooooo peeps! 
I am so thrilled to receive hair colouring service from The Comb Hair Salon!

When I first reached the salon, the staff offered me drinks, went thru the colour booklet with me and explained to me the various type of hair colour available. 
Before visiting, I did some homework and search for some samples of my desired hair colours which are super light brown/grey. However, my hair stylist Michelle does not recommend me to do those colour because those colours require bleaching and it will further damage my already damaged hair. I feel that unlike some hairstylists who just blindly try to do the hair colour which I want and in the end my hair become beyond damaged, at least Michelle will give some advices, educate me on the possible end effects and leave the decision for me to make. End up, I decided to just go with normal dying and not bleach. Michelle tried her best to do the hair which I want without bleaching and still keep my hair healthy. 

The whole process only took about 1hour which I am pretty impressed. I think every hair stylist has a helper so they get extra hands to get their customer's hair done in the fastest time. Michelle and her helper really did a very fast but also nice hair service for me. 

The end result of my hair! 
Previously my hair was yellowish and it makes my hair looks very damaged plus my skin looks dull. With my new hair  colour being one tone darker, it makes my hair looks healthier than before. To be honest, my hair feels even smoother and shinier after the hair colouring which was not what I've expected. Usually after hair colouring, my hair will become even worse. So I am really happy with my new hair colour by The Comb Hair Salon!

A big THANKYOU to The Comb Hair Salon!
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