Room Glass Partition & Kitchen Fixed Glass Panels Plus Swing Door With Wellmax Metal Works

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Saturday, December 30, 2017
Our house is a 4rooms flat bto but it feels like the size of a 3rooms flat instead. So in order to make our house looks more spacious, we've hacked away partial of the room's wall that is next to the living room and also the kitchen wall to maximise our living room space. We wanted to have a glass partition for the room where we've hacked the wall away and a glass door for our kitchen. We feel that having a kitchen door is essential for us as we have a baby running away so a kitchen door will keep our baby away from the kitchen. It's definitely a nightmare to have a baby sneaking into the kitchen where there's fire, scotching hot water or even sharp knives! Tip for all parents or going-to-be parents who are planning to do renovation!

After doing research and going around asking for recommendations, we have decided to engage Wellmax Metal Works. We first sent in our enquiries, within a couple of days JianHao managed to liaise and arrange for an on-site meeting. During the meeting, Jianhao is able to click with us on our desired idea and design. He even gave interesting idea such as hiding our switch wires in the glass frame casing so we would not have unsightly casings running around the glass panel partition. 

Our kitchen is very small because we've hacked away the kitchen wall and pushed the kitchen back in to create a bigger living room. So after understanding our layout and needs, Jianhao adviced to install swing door instead of sliding door for our kitchen as the tracks of the sliding door will take up more space of the kitchen and resulting in a even smaller kitchen.

After confirming the designs and quotation, Wellmax Metal Works then proceeded with our order and took another trip down for the installation guys to plan how to build and install the room glass partition, kitchen fixed glass panels and swing door. Jianhao even took the effort to understand my moving in schedule and arrange everything to be installed almost 2 weeks before my moving in day so there's still some room in case of any hiccups. 

They did the installation of the room glass partition very efficient and the whole process took roughly 1hour. 

Once they've fixed the glass partition, they filled up all the gaps between the walls and the frames to ensure its all nicely sealed.

As you can see from this photo, there's quite a huge gap between my wall and the frame because the previous hacking company did not do a perfect job. Luckily Wellmax Metal Works is able to conceal all the gaps very well.

However, they didn't manage to install the kitchen fixed glass panels and swing door on the same day. They've called a few days before the installation date to inform that they found some scratches on the glass so they've redo the glass, hence the delay. Fortunately, Jianhao had catered some buffer time before my moving in day, so it did not affect my moving in schedule. With their stringent checks, I am very happy with their workmanship and quality. They really do ensure their workmanship and quality before delivering their works to their customers.

During the kitchen fixed glass panels and swing door installation, first they measured the hole they've cut out for the gas pipe to ensure there's no room for error.

Then they proceeded to do the work along the corridor so they could minimize the dirt from the drilling and etc. 

During the installing, they used to level to check that everything is upright straight and stable which I am very impressed. I have friend who had a very bad experience that her kitchen door is pretty slanted outwards which she had to complain and get them to fix the issue. 

The installation of the kitchen glass panels and swing door took about 2.5hours. This is the end result of my fixed glass panels with swing door and I love it so much! Its functional and so pretty! The swing door is totally customizable from swinging towards left or right to swinging inwards or outwards. 

So far I've really enjoyed my renovation journey with Wellmax Metal Works. They are really friendly bunch of people, great quality and workmanship. 

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I have received sponsorship from Wellmax Metal Works to facilitate this blogpost. All opinions and views are my own personal.

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